The International ECMO Network (ECMO Net) is dedicated to conducting and supporting high-quality, high-impact research aimed at defining the role of extracorporeal life support in the management of respiratory and cardiac failure in adults, helping to build on the scientific foundation for its use and driving continuous improvement in its application where appropriate.

The use of extracorporeal support for adults is growing rapidly throughout much of the world despite a limited amount of high quality evidence to support its use. Extracorporeal support is complex, high-risk and expensive. High quality research is therefore critical to the field. Research networks are needed to promote such high quality research by increasing the power to study uncommon events, standardizing the use of ECMO within studies and fostering collaboration throughout the world.

The International ECMO Network is committed to a collaborative vision of scientific research in the field. We encourage investigators from around the world to propose and lead projects within the Network. Our goal is to bring about collaboration between investigators and to improve the quality of the studies being created and conducted. We aim to do this by:
• Recognizing overlap and bringing investigators together to collaborate
• Building and maintaining a network of centers to facilitate larger studies
• Providing the intellectual and logistical tools needed to carry the project from conception to reality
• Helping to create consensus for standards of care in both the intervention and control arms as well as for technical terminology
• Channeling resources to the highest quality studies with the greatest potential for success
• Fostering relationships with like-minded medical societies and institutions

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